Often overlooked, rural businesses are more and more dependent on reliable IT systems.

Whether it's accounting software or precision farming systems, everything needs an Internet connection these days and rural businesses face a growing need for reliable and robust connectivity.  Whilst they may be out in the wilds, miles from anywhere, an Internet connection is becoming less of a nicety and more and more of a necessity.  With the advent of wireless broadband covering more rural locations, it is now possible to get reasonable broadband connectivity into previously hard-to-reach places. 

One of our clients is a farming estate in Lincolnshire. By providing them with a wireless broadband connection we were not only able to help them enjoy faster download speeds for both business and domestic applications, but helped them save money on communications charges and hosting costs. By moving their telephone calls to VoIP they saved by not needing to run additional physical connections and on call charges, while they were also able to bring their email and website hosting in-house.


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